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I am a Doctor and someone wrote some false comments on me on When I called Earl Thurston the owner to get things straight he said I had to pay him $2000 to have the comments removed. I said I would not pay a dime in extortion money and I told him that what he was doing is a crime.

Looks like he is still out to try and intimidate me from telling the straight story. He has posted personal information about me and my wife online in the hope that I won't continue to tell the world that he is an extortionist. He even published a rip-off report about me for no other reason than to retailiate and harrass me for telling the truth about his scam.

He publishes false nonesense and threats and intimidation on his website to try to keep people like me from exposing his crimes. It won't work, and I look forward to watching and commenting freely as this racket implodes.

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Note: name of poster SallyJonson, who said this...

..."He [Thurston] has posted personal information about me and my wife online..."

Is "Sally" a "he"? *** poor job against Earl Thurston, if you ask me. Reeks of a forged post.

Google William Stanley and see for yourself why the above comment looks like a forgery posted by the spammer himself.


Dear Doctor, Medicine is a commodity and you receive lots of money for the commodity you are selling. If your patients have a problem with you they have every right, and should, tell the world.

No one regulates your commodity---medical boards are a joke! This is the only forum for those who often lose their homes to pay for your high priced commodity, even when you screw up and lives are lost. Why not post your name if you are so innocent of what has been said about you?

I find that doctors think they are entitled to make millions but no one has the right to say anything negative about them. You're probably the only one who reads your comments anyway!


The above comment is an extortion attempt against Earl Thurston and The motive is to get Earl Thurston to delete comments written about a specific doctor.

Earl refuses to remove comments written by legitimate patients or ex-employees of the doctor. See the other side of the story at


I have used Earl Thurston's DOCTORSCORECARD.COM site many, many times. Whenever I have had a problem or wanted content I published removed, Mr.

Thurston has been totally accomodating and professional in his quick responses to my requests. He has NEVER made any type of financial requests of me EVER.

I'm sorry to accuse you-- but you sound guilty to me - like you are trying to discredit Mr. Thurston publicly to deflect your own transgressions (or crimes?) onto him.

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